Русская прошивка zumo 550

Прошивка Русская для Garmin Zumo 500 takes a closer look at the Garmin zumo 550. Find out all you need to know about connecting your cell phone to the zumo 550 with Bluetooth. Anybody knows if the Zumo 550 issue with firmware version 4.90 has been resolved? The Garmin myDashboard keeps on telling me there is an update from 4.80 to 4.90 plus some additional updates for Bluetooth etc. I do not know if it is now safe to risk doing the 4.90 update again. Обзор GPS-навигатора Garmin Zumo 550. Прошивка Русская Gpsmap 396. 10 меc назад. GPS City will show you how to RESET your Garmin zumo 660 and zumo 665 GPS back to factory default settings. Back up all wanted GPS data as a precaution.